About eco-cannabis

We are mainly farmers in EU / Croatia. Our fields are located in "Slavonia" (Croatia) - with endless forests, pure water and clean air - this is the perfect place for hemp fields. For years we have tested and researched over 100 hemp strains that fit our business model. After selection we have found 2 strains that are the richest in CBD and Terrapins and are suited to the harsh summer environment in Croatia are suitable. You can never grow good cannabis "indoors". Basically, the tougher environment for hemp - the better hemp results - is in terms of quality goods. We focus on our customers and their needs. When you buy from us, you buy our lifestyle. We're not a giant retail store - we farm. Whether you are a CBD producer, retailer, wholesaler, buyer or just a curious person for hemp production. You are cordially invited to participate in the discovery of the hemp world. We are happy to help you with any request. We welcome you to our family.

About eco-cannabis



We started testing different strains of hemp in different parts of Croatia. Our analysis showed that "Slavonia" is the best candidate, as there is a lot of flat land, no existing industrialization, clean water and fertile soil ideal for growing industrial hemp.

We have prepared all agricultural conditions, bought additional land and started preparing fields for organic production. Since organic production is very demanding, we had to wait next year to put more humus and biomass in the fields.

This year has been ideal for our testing, and we have developed a "return to earth" system in which we use green manure to return to the soil all the nutrients we pick up while harvesting hemp. We tested three different ideal subcultures before and after industrial hemp. We completed the official farm company registration at the end of the year.


On 1/26/2015 we received the official farming permit and all the necessary licenses to grow industrial hemp. The official name of the farm is "Opg Hrzica". This was the first year that we produced superior quality hemp and sold it to global markets. This has been one of the toughest years in our region with minimal rainfall where we lost 80% due to inclement weather. However, this 20% harvested hemp showed such quality that it will struggle to match this coming year this year. We founded our brand " Eco-Cannabis ".


This year was a great success, our brand " Eco-Cannabis " got its website - all the hemp is harvested, the conditions were ideal and the results are there. We are happy that our hemp has over 2.2% CBD in lab tests! Again we are ready for sale.


We introduced new varieties into our culture kompolti, and we rejected Tiborzsalasz because it showed bad results. Sales are stable and we have introduced new packaging for our hemp products. Now our CBD is at 3-4% - that's an improvement that counts!


Row planting was a partial success, giving us the ability to control weeds but reduce overall production. Still waiting for analysis results!


We've finally finished harvesting. This year fell short of our expectations due to the large amount of rain that fell during critical times, destroying over 50% of our crops. As this is normal in farming, we raise our heads and pick only the best buds (fortunately we pick by hand). We are expecting a great product and this year the entire Buds pack will have NO SEEDS! Yes, finally you can enjoy it - you requested it, we did it.


We have perfected CBD oils to perfection. Now we have full-spectrum extracts that are more like "manufactured" CBD.


We have improved all of our products, removing seeds from packaging as much as possible and introducing more high cbd strains into cbd production!

We've upgraded % of our CBD oils with Craft Hemp CBD Tea Extract. Additionally, we launched flavored CBD oil.