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Hemp seeds: Versatile use in industry and tradition

Hemp, a plant with therapeutic properties, is used by millions of people worldwide. Although hemp is known as a medicinal herb, the English Pharmacopoeia lacks a clear classification of hemp-based medicines. There are public concerns about the legal and medical use of hemp, particularly CBD (cannabidiol). Despite these concerns, CBD is known not only for its therapeutic properties but also as an excellent source of nutrition. Hemp seeds are grown in many countries including the USA, Canada, France and China.

In the USA, the cultivation of hemp has been severely restricted since around 1950. The U.S. government and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) do not clearly distinguish between industrial hemp and marijuana, resulting in a blanket classification of all types of cannabis as illegal. However, hemp seeds, which are obtained from the Cannabis sativa L plant, are less psychoactive than marijuana. Industrial hemp contains less than one percent of psychoactive substances, while marijuana can contain up to 20 percent or more. Industrial hemp is grown for various purposes including seeds, fiber, oils and as a food source. The hemp seeds come in various forms such as roasted, sterilized or extracted as oil.

Industrial hemp has a wide range of applications, from the textile and paper industries to plastics. Hemp paper can be recycled more often than traditional paper made from wood. Interestingly, hemp can yield up to four times more paper than trees. Plastics made from hemp can also be biodegradable, which is a relief for the environment.

Historically, hemp was popular with early American presidents such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Even the Declaration of Independence was printed on hemp paper, and Benjamin Franklin produced hemp paper in his factory. Given the environmental and nutritional benefits of industrial hemp, it makes sense to further promote its cultivation.

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