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Regardless if you are cbd producer, retailer, wholesaler, buyer or just curious person about hemp production. You are welcome to join us in our discovery of hemp world. We will be happy to help you with any request you might have. We welcome you to our family.

Who We Are

We are mainly farmers located in EU / Croatia. Our fields are located in Slavonia - with endless forests, pure water and clean air - this is perfect location for hemp fields. We have spend years testing and researching over hundred hemp varieties that could fit our business model. After selection we have found 2 strains that are richest with cbd and terrapins and it fits the harsh environment during summer time in Croatia. You can never grow good hemp "inhouse". Basically the harder environment for hemp it is - the better hemp results you have - in matter of quality goods. We are focused to our clients and their needs. When you buy from us - you buy our way of life. We are not some huge retail business - we Farm

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